Beautiful Bella

Bella's name means "beautiful," and she lives up to it! I loved working with Bella! Her awesome sense of humor made for a very fun session, despite the unusual weather. We had sunshine, rain, clouds, and eventually, even a rainbow!

For Bella's senior portraits, her family chose to have a two-hour session, with the first half capturing the woods and beaches of Priest Point Park, while the second half highlighted the incredible street art you find downtown in Olympia. We also timed things carefully so we could have our session when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. I think one of Bella's favorite parts of the session was when her mother ordered some yummy french fries, but she assured me that I do not need to share any photos of her munching on those.

After the session, the family sat down with me to select their favorite images to purchase. Bella looked so amazing that it was impossible to narrow it down very far, so in the end, an album was the best way to feature the images she chose. They also selected two images for wall art and another for wallets, giving them many good ways to display and share their artwork.

I am so glad that I was able to work with Bella to create these images! She will be graduating in a few short weeks, and I think she is going to do incredible things in this world!

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