Frequently Asked Questions

What services do I receive with the sitting fee?

When you book a session with me, the sitting fee works as a retainer, claiming your spot on my schedule. With your sitting fee, you are investing in all the time during which I will prepare for our session, meet with you to capture our very exciting images, select the best photographs and edit them to bring out their full impact, and finally, collaborate with you to order your favorites for printing. The sitting fee will be paid in full before I begin taking pictures. I base my standard sitting fee on the length of the session: $275 reserves two hours of shooting time, and if you are looking for something shorter, you can schedule a one hour session for $195. I will make the most of any time we have together, but naturally, a longer session will lead to more images for you to choose from later. If you have something more elaborate in mind – multiple locations, for example – and would like more time, let me know, and we can certainly make arrangements. The two hour session comes with a 20" x 30" print for your home, while the one hour session includes a 12" x 18" print.


How many proofs will I be presented with from which to select images to purchase?

Typically, a session lasting two hours will yield 20 to 30 images to select from, and a one hour session will yield 10 to 15 images. This may vary, however, as interruptions to our session will cause there to be fewer images captured. For this reason, please arrive for the session fully prepared, as time spent talking on the phone or changing outfits will cause fewer photographs to be available. We want to get the most out of every minute!


How do I purchase my images?

After our session, I will begin working away at processing the images, editing them to highlight the beauty of every smile, the sparkle in everyone's eyes, the happiness you shared with me. Depending on how long our session was, this will generally take two to three weeks; I take your images seriously, so it is important to me to really invest my time into making them look their best. Once your images are complete, I will contact you and set up a time when we can review them together. I will bring a set of proofs, and we can discuss prints and products you can order. There are many options you can order, from prints to gallery wraps, and even items like bookmarks and greeting cards; you can also elect to purchase a disc with licensed digital files of your images, though you will already receive a complimentary licensed digital file to accompany any print you purchase. Once you place your order, I will handle all the details with my professional printing service, and when the items arrive, I will review them for quality and deliver them to you.


How do digital files work? How do I order them? And once I have them, in which ways am I permitted to use them?

In addition to physical products like albums and printed portraits, many clients are now interested in purchasing a license for digital files of images from their session. Doing so allows them to make additional prints in the future, back the images up for their records, and share the images on social media. As an artist, my hope is that you will see and enjoy your portraits every day, and I find that families tend to get the most pleasure when they order physical products they can display around their homes and places of work. That being said, I also see the value of digital files, and I am happy to license them to you. When you order a print of an image, I will automatically provide you with a complimentary licensed copy of it as a digital file as well. If there are additional images for which you wish to purchase licensed digital copies without prints, you are welcome to order those files as well.

When you purchase licensed digital files from me, there are some basic conditions that govern how those images are permitted to be used. With files you license from me, I give you perpetual, ongoing rights to make prints of your images for personal use and to share with your family; you also may use them in school yearbooks, newspaper announcements, slideshows at ceremonies, and things of this nature where they are only published in some limited, non-profit way. Where possible, in those settings, I appreciate credit, but it does not have to be explicitly given provided you do not claim the images as your own. That being said, you may not sell the images, enter them in a contest, or make them available for widespread publication without getting permission from me first; the copyright of the image still belongs to me.

I also will be permitting your use of the licensed images through social media. I will include a watermarked copy of each image for this purpose so that when you put the photographs online, they will be protected from image theft. I also request that you tag my business in the description when you share images on social media like Facebook; this gives me credit as the photographer, and it helps prospective clients find me. I am very happy to answer any specific questions you may have about using the images whose licenses you purchase.


Where do sessions generally happen?

I live near Yelm, Washington, so I typically try to conduct sessions within Thurston County. That being said, I am perfectly willing to travel to other counties to take your picture. As this necessitates some extra expenses like fuel and the cost of securing the correct license for your city, as well as the additional time involved in getting to you, I charge an extra $25 for sessions conducted in other counties in Washington. If you live in another county, but come to Thurston County for your session, then this travel fee would naturally not apply.

I especially enjoy outdoor photography. There are many lovely public venues in which we can meet for our session. I have a list of my favorite parks for photography, and I would love to hear your suggestions as well. That being said, I am also willing to come to your home for your session, or some other designated privately-owned setting, provided we officially obtain permission to be there.


Should I bring props?

Well, that depends on the props you have in mind!

As a general rule, I elect not to photograph weapons, alcohol or drugs, dead animals, or anything particularly offensive or political in nature. I realize that many things fall into a gray area, so when in doubt, ask! Also, I do not wish to photograph logos on things like toys or clothing due to issues of trademark, so these props are also to be avoided.

Awesome props to bring include blankets, toys, instruments, sporting equipment, special vehicles, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balloons, capes, flowers, banners & signs, and things of this nature that showcase aspects of your personality or feature favorite hobbies. Again, when in doubt, ask. We need to stay safe, and we should leave the location of the session as clean as or cleaner than we found it. Plus, if I know what kind of props you are planning to bring, I can better prepare for what kinds of poses to suggest.

When gathering props, it is also good to consider bringing removable layers, as adding or removing a jacket or sweater can give some extra variety to your images. If you want to do complete outfit changes, that is up to you, but time spent changing still counts as part of your paid shooting time, and there are not always convenient locations to change, so I suggest planning an outfit that makes you comfortable for your entire session.


How are my images edited?

With any image I present to you for purchase, I first review it to make sure it is of the highest possible quality. If necessary, I crop the image and improve the color and the lighting. I may also add textures or other creative overlays to bring out the full beauty of the image. Edits like these I apply automatically as part of my artistic process, at no charge to you.

My clients may also request additional editing, such as removal of acne or similar minor cosmetic changes, which I am happy to provide if desired with a small fee per image. It is my prerogative to decline editing which I find objectionable, like excessive physical alteration, as I prefer that each image essentially reflect the true natural beauty of the subject. I intend to show my clients at their best, not airbrush them until they cannot even recognize themselves.

For clients wishing to commission images of a more creative nature, I also specialize in photomanipulations, in which I merge the image with others to make a unique piece of art. For example, in this type of piece, we might feature your child riding a giraffe, or show you and your loved ones sitting on a rainbow. The price of these images varies, as there is considerably more editing involved, and the purchase of stock images may be necessary, but the results that are possible are truly spectacular. Also, I personally get a big kick out of this kind of project!


How can I support Fairy Tales Fulfilled Photography?

Wow! Thanks for asking! I love making clients happy, and my relationship with you is incredibly valuable to me. So the best compliment you can give me is to continue using my services in the future. But there are other ways to show your support too! As a photographer, I rely heavily on word-of-mouth to be discovered by new clients, and clients like you are the best cheerleaders there are. So, dear fans, here are some simple ways you can bless me:

  1. Like the “Fairy Tales Fulfilled Photography” page on Facebook and any other social media you use – I'm also on Twitter, Google+, and quite a few other places – as this will both boost my page and also will keep you up-to-date on any special promotions I might be running.

  2. Write a review. Again, there are several platforms for this, like social media pages, and also on places like Yelp. If you have something nice to say, please do so! Anything testimonials and positive rankings you give go to help the next prospective client feel more confident about their decision. And you will get lots of virtual brownie points from me.

  3. Tell your friends! And your neighbors! And relatives! And casual acquaintances! Really, tell anyone who you think might be interested in my photography. One great time to mention me is when they are admiring your awesome pictures. If they book, be sure to have them tell me you sent them, as I think very highly of customers who give referrals. Thanks a billion!