Recent adventures in the land of photography...

Beautiful Bella

Bella's name means "beautiful," and she lives up to it! I loved working with Bella! Her awesome sense of humor made for a very fun session, despite the unusual weather. We had sunshine, rain, clouds, and eventually, even a rainbow!

For Bella's senior portraits, her family chose to have a two-hour session, with the first half capturing the woods and beaches of Priest Point Park, while the second half highlighted the incredible street art you find downtown in Olympia. We also timed things carefully so we could have our session when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. I think one of Bella's favorite parts of the session was when her mother ordered some yummy french fries, but she assured me that I do not need to share any photos of her munching on those.

After the session, the family sat down with me to select their favorite images to purchase. Bella looked so amazing that it was impossible to narrow it down very far, so in the end, an album was the best way to feature the images she chose. They also selected two images for wall art and another for wallets, giving them many good ways to display and share their artwork.

I am so glad that I was able to work with Bella to create these images! She will be graduating in a few short weeks, and I think she is going to do incredible things in this world!

Amazing Alexa

It was such a pleasure working with Alexa! She is a natural in front of the camera, and she has such a wonderful attitude. I hope she has a terrific senior year!


Capturing Kay

This lovely young lady recently met with me for a short session. I loved being able to capture her awesome smile!

What a great smile!

She was very friendly!

It was chilly, but fortunately, the cold didn

This outtake became one of my favorite shots!

Senior Session with Shaden

This senior was a pleasure to work with! He was soft-spoken, friendly, and ready to pose!

He is happy and strong.

Senior year means lots of studying!

I think he enjoyed the autumn weather!


Braving the Cold Together

It was a chilly afternoon when I met this mother and son to capture some images of their joy, but that did not stop them from bringing their best! They showed so much love and happiness!

Look at that love!


Lots of laughter!

He makes his mama smile!

Look What Love Has Made

I was happy to work with this family again! They were so glad to welcome this little bundle of joy into their lives. What a wonderful Christmas present!

Kisses for everyone!

So sleepy!

She is in love!

I wonder what will be in his stocking?


Mama is happy to see him!

Four Christmas Angels

These children were like little Christmas angels!

I love this smile!

These sisters are so adorable!

This guy was shy, but he sure looks cute in antlers!

Look at those eyes!

Waiting for Baby Bowman

This mother-to-be was radiant during our session at Priest Point Park. It was freezing out, but she was a star!

Her husband loved her expression in this one!

As she awaits her child, she gazes off into the future.

The baby was due on Christmas, so his mother was getting him into the spirit with a story.

The mother had these neat blocks.

Can you guess the gender?

Time with the Timbers

This little boy is full of joy and playful mischief. After spending a little time with his parents, I could see where he gets it from. At one point, I glanced over at the happy couple to discover that they were sword-fighting with tree branches! I had a great time!

These guys love to laugh!These two are so cute!
He was singing "Amazing Grace" in this one!Nothing to see here, child! Nothing to see!
Hugs all around!I love this one!
Where did that tooth go?Love, love, love


Delighted with the DuBays

I had a great time working with this mother and son!

We had a blast creating portraits to surprise the father with on his birthday.

They are full of smiles!

Lovely lady

This is love!

Can you tell that his mother is a literature teacher?

They saw a nuthatch singing in the tree!

Fun with the Faye Family

I had so much fun working with the Faye family! It was such a warm day, but we managed not to melt. This couple was so kind, and their daughters were funny and sweet. It was a great day!

They were pros at posing!

They are so cute together!

These sisters are so sweet!

Still into you!

These two are so cute!

This outtake was so precious!